The use of a vocabulary of colour and light common to music and painting reveals their intimate relationship. We speak about the colour, the brilliance of a note, the chromatic scale, the coloratura of a melody, a blue note, a dark or luminous music, and about the musicality of colours, rhythm, the tonality of a painting.

Both the aesthetic experiences merge and flow into one another ... awakening the one flavour "Sama-Rasa"

It is by hearing the colours of music that I came to painting. Indian music to which I devoted most of my life plays with the colours of emotion. This art music is based on raga. Raga is derived from a Sanskrit word that means colour. A raga invokes a colour and its power of expression is such that the sensations and emotions tint the mind, and lead the whole being into a particular state of emotion. In this state, all senses start dancing and their interaction opens the door to a deep experience in which we see, hear, taste, smell and touch the world which unfolds as an undivided whole!

As long-drawn echoes mingle and transfuse
Till in a deep, dark unison they swoon,
Vast as the night or as the vault of noon
So are commingled perfumes, sounds, and hues.

Charles Baudelaire (Correspondances)